Mississippi State Department of Health

The Mississippi Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (MRRVC) assists local authorities with population monitoring and decontamination at reception centers in the event of a radiological incident.

The MRRVC was developed to assist state and local authorities with population monitoring following a radiological incident. The MRRVC is composed of volunteers who are trained to perform population monitoring and decontamination, and to set up and operate a community reception center for population monitoring.

Population monitoring is the process of identifying, screening, and monitoring people for exposure to radiation or contamination with radioactive materials. Once contamination has been found, persons are decontaminated by washing or removing radioactive materials from clothing or the body. If internal contamination is detected, volunteers facilitate internal decontamination.

Volunteers assist until all potentially affected people have been monitored and evaluated for needed medical treatment; radioactive contamination of the body or clothing; intake of radioactive materials into the body; removal of external or internal contamination; radiation doses received and the resulting health risk from the exposure; and long-term health effects.

The MRRVC is a unit of the National Medical Reserve Corps

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