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The Office Against Interpersonal Violence (OAIV) is responsible for developing certification and reporting standards for domestic violence and related victim service providers, including sexual assault and human trafficking. The OAIV administers various federal and state funds to support victims.

The mission of the Office Against Interpersonal Violence is to effectively and efficiently support services for those who have experienced interpersonal violence, and ultimately to prevent interpersonal violence by engaging in and supporting evidence-based primary prevention strategies in Mississippi's communities to change the attitudes and social norms that reinforce violence.

Getting Help

Domestic Violence

The Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence coordinates many of the interpersonal violence shelters, hotlines and support for Mississippians. Their website has a full directory of resources that can help men and women.


The Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault (1-888-987-9011) provides support to rape crisis centers in the state. Services are provided free, without discrimination regarding race, ethnicity, disability, or marital status. Their website has comprehensive info of resources for men and women.

The Office Against Interpersonal Violence within the Mississippi State Department of Health was created in July 2014 by House Bill 1030.

OAIV Advisory Board Meetings

Pursuant to the state law creating the office, the State Health Officer has appointed a seven-member Advisory Board to provide guidance with regard to OAIV activities. A Steering Committee comprised of direct service providers is also available for consultation to ensure the mission of OAIV is accomplished.

Upcoming meetings: For dates of upcoming meetings, please see the state Public Meetings website »


Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will take place at noon in the MSDH Central Office:

570 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Osborne Building
Room 415

Teleconference attendance available: contact Heather.Wagner@msdh.ms.gov

Links referenced
House Bill 1030    http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2014/pdf/HB/1000-1099/HB1030SG.pdf
state Public Meetings website »    https://www.ms.gov/dfa/pmn/
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